How to preview your App ?

By following these steps you can preview the app when you build it.

First click on Preview Your App button located in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

After you click on that button you can preview a page like below.

You can use two methods to preview your application.

Now let's see how to do one by one. Follow this step by step guide on how to preview your app.

01. Download Shopimint App

To preview your app you need to install Shopimint App from Google Play Store or Apple Store or Huawei App Gallery. You can do it easily by clicking on the buttons below.

After downloading and installing the app, scan the QR code to preview your app.

Now you can  preview your changes live through the app.

02. Scan QR Code

01. Scan the QR code related to your application.

When scanning the QR code, if you haven't installed the Shopimint App yet, you'll go to your mobile operating system's app store.

 I. Then download the Shopimint App from it and install the app on your mobile phone.

 II. After installation scan the QR code again to preview your app.

02. If you have already installed the Shopimint app, you don't need to download it again. Scan the app related QR code to preview your app changes.

Special Note

There are a few special things to keep in mind about the preview app.

(a). When you make any changes to the home page, it is immediately updated in your app. But if you make any change to a page other than the home page it will not be updated in the app immediately.

For example, let's say you changed something on the category page. Now you should check if the changes you made are updated on the category page. For that, you need to close the app and scan the QR code again. After that, you can preview your changes on the category page.

(b). Some settings you change will not be updated immediately and by closing and reopening the app. Fonts, Fonts Sizes, and Push Notifications can be mentioned as examples of settings that are not updated. They will be updated after you build the app.