How to instantly convert your WooCommerce Store to a elegant mobile app in 10 minutes ?

01. How to create an account & app in Shopimint?

Navigate to ➝ Create your account ➝ Create app

Refer: Create an account & app in Shopimint

02. How to update basic app info & settings?

Navigate to Shopimint dashboard ➝ Main info ➝ About app

Refer: Update basic app info & settings

03. How to update the app icon, logo & splash image?

Navigate to Shopimint dashboard ➝ Main info ➝ About app ➝ Assests

Refer: Update app icon, logo & splash image

04. How to connect your WooCommerce store?

Navigate to Your WordPress website ➝ Get API key ➝ Shopimint dashboard ➝ Main info ➝ Connect store

Refer: Connect your WooCommerce store

05. How to select & customize the App Theme?

Navigate to the Shopimint dashboard ➝ Theme collection

Refer: Select & customize App Theme

06. How to preview your App?

Navigate to the Shopimint dashboard ➝ Preview your app

By following these steps you can preview the app when you build it.

1. Click on Preview your app

First, click on the Preview Your App button located in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

2. Download Shopimint app

To preview your app, scan the QR code to download the Shopimint app or click your relevant OS type from the OS buttons below.

3. Preview your app

After doing the above steps correctly, you can preview your app by following the steps shown in the image below.

Refer: Preview your App

07. How to customize your app home page?

Navigate to Shopimint dashboard ➝ Pages ➝ Home page

Refer: Customize your app home page

08. How to customize navigation?

Navigate to the Shopimint dashboard ➝ Navigation

Refer: Customize app navigation

09. How to customize app design?

Navigate to the Shopimint dashboard ➝ Design

You can customize your app design from the design section as you wish. It contains the following features.

App Bar Settings, Branding, Navigation Drawer, Bottom Bar, Loading Icon

Changing the app bar style, customizing fonts, changing the navigation drawer style, changing the bottom bar style and icon loading are examples of tasks that can be done through the above features.

Refer: Customize app design

10. How does Shopimint billing work?

Navigate to the Shopimint dashboard ➝ Click the Shopimint starter badge (Left bottom corner of the dashboard) ➝ Select your plan

Refer : Shopimint billing

11. How to set up push notifications?

Navigate to Shopimint dashboard ➝ Marketing ➝ Push Notifications

Refer: Push Notification Setup

We have included some other important features in Shopimint regarding integrations. You can know how to implement them by delving into those features below.

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12. How to publish your app?

After creating your app, you can publish it for others to use. We have explained very clearly how to do it. To find out, go to the operating system type below that applies to your phone and get information on how to publish the app.

Also, there are some essential tasks that you need to perform before publishing the application. We have explained how to do them all correctly. Therefore, if you have a problem with any of the following types of topics, we request you to go into that topic and get the details.

Other features of App Publication : Create a Google Play console , Get an Apple developer account , Get a Huawei app gallery , Get a DUNS Number , Inviting Shopimint to your Google developer account , Inviting Shopimint to your Huawei developer account , Inviting Shopimint to your Apple developer account , App stores app screenshot & banner sizes guideline

If you face any problem during the process from app creation to publishing, contact the Shopimint support team via live chat.