How to create an account & app in Shopimint ?

01. Go to Shopimint's website

Follow this link to go to Shopimint:

02. Create an account

Option Description
Name Provide your name to create an account.
Email Provide your preferred email address.
Password Provide a strong password to secure your account.
Repeat Password Retype the password you entered above.

Then click the Create account button to create your account.

Congratulations ! 🥳 🎉 Now you have an account on Shopimint.

03. Create an app

1. Click on the Create App button.

2. Follow the few steps to create the app on Shopimint.

Option Description
App Name Enter your App name.
Link to your website Enter your website's URL.
Theme Color Select your theme color.
Title Color Select your title color.
Website building platform Select your website-building platform.

Finally, click the Continue button to create your first app.

Cheers ! 🥳 🎉 You created your first app on Shopimint.