How to update basic app info & settings ?

01. App Name

You can update the App Name from About App ➝ App Name

02. App Package Name (APP ID)

You can update the App ID from App Configs & Permissions  ➝ App ID

03. App Main Language

You can change the app's main language from App Configs ➝ Main Language

04. Admin Email Address

You can change the App default admin email address from App Configs ➝ Admin Email

05. Default Currency

You can change the App default currency from App Configs ➝ default currency

06. Currency Symbol

You can change the App default currency symbol from App Configs ➝ currency symbol

07. Currency Format

You can change the App default currency format from App Configs ➝ currency format

08. User Agent

You can add a User Agent from App Configs ➝ User Agent

(You can add your website domain in the User Agent section. The purpose of the User Agent is to prevent your application from accessing websites that are not yours.)

09. Super Cache

You can enable Super Cache Settings from App Configs ➝ Super Cache Settings

(By enabling super cache your homepage app data will load before the app starts and be cached on our servers including products. These caches will be automatically refreshed in 15 minutes.)

You can refresh as soon as possible after enabling Super Cache by clicking on the ⚡ icon at the top right corner of the page.

10. Backup Theme Settings

You can backup your Theme Settings from App Configs➝ Backup Your Theme Settings

Please make sure to press the Save Changes button to save the changes .