How to send scheduled push notifications ?


To use the Scheduled Push Notification, you must have previously setup Push Notifications in Firebase. How to do it correctly is mentioned in the article on Firebase Push Notification Setup. First, follow the article and setup the Firebase.

Send Scheduled Push Notifications

Navigate to Marketing ➝ Push Notifications ➝ Scheduled Push Notifications

01. Message

Option Description
Title Add a Title for the notification
LED Color Notification LED Color (Notification badge color on Android)
Audience Select from here to which group your message should go
Message Add Notification body. Maximum 200 letters. Also, you can use emoji 😍 on here for nice notifications
Image This will populate the large image for all applicable platforms. The recommended image is a jpg file type with a 2:1 aspect ratio landscape, size 512x256px or 1440x720px .

Scheduled Push Notifications ➝ Choose File
Launch URL The URL; a user will be directed to when clicking the push notification. You can select which page you need to open once the notification is clicked by
Click Actions ➝ Select Page
Scheduled Actions This allows you to schedule notifications to users at any desired date and time. It can be done by following these few steps.
Scheduled Actions ➝ Select Date ➝ Select Time

02. Preview Notification

You can toggle notification view from Marketing ➝ Push Notifications ➝ Scheduled Push Notifications ➝ Notification View

03. Send Notification

Now you have finalized the notification setup as step 01 and you can see the preview as setup 02. Confirm and press on Send Push button. Once you push on it, it will be sent to the users on the date and time specified by you.

If you need instant notification please refer to this article: Instant Push Notifications

04. Notification History & Delivery Report

You can view your all notification history from Marketing ➝ Push Notifications ➝ Push Notifications History